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banana chips frying machine
The Application of Banana Chips Frying Machine
The banana chips frying machine can automatically control the temperature, can be customized oil-water mixed type, pure oil type, used for making breakfast fried dough sticks, fried noodles, deep-fried fried meat, fried poultry, fish, wheat flour, fries and Vegetables, etc., are indispensable for fried foods.

The Features of Banana Chips Continuous Frying Machine
This banana chips frying machine is made of stainless steel, has the advantages of uniform heat, fast heating speed, high efficiency of the fried stuff, safe and convenient operation, oil-water mixing equipment, saving fuel and energy, and this kind of banana chips continuous frying machine can save energy by 40%. The appearance of fine workmanship, beautiful, sturdy and durable.
continuous frying machine
Plantain Chips Continuous Frying Machine Working Principle:
1.Plantain chips continuous frying machine adupt oil-water hybrid fryers have completely changed the structure of traditional frying equipment,and scientifically adopted water-oil mixing technology.Through heating,the oil temperature of the lower layer is controlled in the process of temperature increase,which can slow down the hydrolysis and oxidation of oil and prolong it. The service life of oil improves product quality.
2.Using the principle of different oil,water,and specific gravity to sink all the residue generated in the working process into the water,fundamentally solving the problems caused by the residue,animal fat,and repeated frying of the traditional frying machine that causes the acidification and carbonization of the frying oil. Disease problems.
3.Because of the unique structure of the plantain chips continuous frying machine, the density of vegetable oil and animal oil can be fully utilized, so that the oil leached by the fried animal meat naturally sinks into the lower layer of vegetable oil, so that the working oil surface is always kept pure. No matter whether it is fried fish, chicken or pasta, it will not savor each other, and it can be used to fry different foods in a pot, thus solving the problem that has plagued people for many years.
4.The new type fryer is also equipped with an oil temperature control device, which makes the operation more convenient and improves the working efficiency. After being popularized in food processing plants, professional fried chicken shops, various types of large canteens, hotels, restaurants and other fields, the water-oil hybrid fryers have won widespread praise from users for their reasonable design, stable performance, and reliable technology. 
5.Oil and water mixing technology in the middle of the oil layer heating, control the temperature of the upper and lower oil layer, effectively reducing the degree of oxidation of fried oil, inhibit the production of acid media, thereby extending the life of the oil.

The banana chips continuous frying machine has a significant effect on increasing productivity, reducing labor, and reducing production costs.
banana chips frying machine
The Advantages of Plantain Chips Continuous Frying Machine:
1.The plantain chips continuous frying machine has the full automatic control of oil temperature, the temperature can be set from 0-300 degrees, suitable for the preparation of various food requirements of the process.
2.The water valve is located at the low oil layer.Banana chips continuous frying machine can add water at any time, it will not affect the frying work, and it has a check valve.This will solve the problem of stopping the water and pouring the oil back into the water pipe during the water adding process. problem.
3.The low-temperature water is equipped with a temperature measuring device, the water temperature display is clear, and the water temperature can also be set. Compared with the measured water temperature, when the temperature is higher than the set temperature,cooling measures can be taken.Prevent water boiling in advance.
4.The oil-water separation surface is equipped with an observation glass tube and a discharge valve detection device. Water level can be more accurate.
5.Banana chips continuous frying machine using the international common oil and water mixing process design,compared with ordinary fryers,more oil-saving.Extend the use cycle of cooking oil,there is no production of carbonized oil, saving 50% of oil, and equipment investment can be recovered in half a year.
6.The food produced by using this banana chips frying machine technology is good in smoothness,bright in color,and the quality of the product is obviously improved,and the problem of excessive acidification of fried food is solved.
7.Using the frying apparatus,the food residue generated during the frying process can sink into the lower funnel through the filtration of water and be discharged through the sewage outlet,thus not only achieving the function of filtering oil, but also not wasting oil.
8.The plantain chips continuous frying machine is a multi-purpose machine,without changing the oil can fry a variety of food, no smoke, no odor, save time and environmental protection.Compared with ordinary fryers,the foods fried in this machine do not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances.
9.Banana chips frying machine has advanced mechanical transmission and frequency control system,so that the device is suitable for the frying of various types of food.
10.Advanced and efficient heating system. The oil pool adopts insulation technology, which not only saves energy, but also improves work efficiency. Reduced unit costs. The interface of oil and moisture is ventilated by the ventilation pipe, which greatly prolongs the service life of the frying oil. The upper part of the oil is heated and the lower layer is cooled to prevent the water temperature from being too high and boiling. Oil and water are discharged separately, making it easier to change slag.
11.Banana chips continuous frying machine has the double mesh belt,to avoid product floating,so that the food is more evenly fried.
12.The above electric hoist can automatically lift the mesh belt to facilitate cleaning,greatly improving work efficiency,reducing the labor intensity,and being clean and hygienic.
banana chips continuous frying machine

Technical Data
Model LG-3500 LG-5000 LG-6000
Heating Electric/Gas/Diesel Electric/Gas/Diesel Electric/Gas/Diesel
Power 90-120kw 90-120 150-240
Dimension 3500*800*2400mm 5000*1000*200mm 6500*1200*2000mm
Capacity 100-300 200-500 500-1000
Temperature 0-300℃ 0-300℃ 0-300℃

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