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Banana Chips Cutting Machine Introduction
This kind of banana cutting machine material is full of stainless steel ,the vertical feeding ensures sliced bananas round and neat. Two feeding throats fasten slicing speed. Concealed cutters and slicers have high safety and security in banana slicing process.
banana chips cutting machine
Features of Banana Chips Slicer
1. This banana chips cutting machine could makes the bananas into round pieces.
2. Thickness of banana cutting machine can be adjusted.
3. The banana chips slicer is easy operation saves time and labor.
4. High slicing efficient and high quality.
5. Suitable for various round shaped fruits and vegetables could used in many ways.
6. Compact design makes it suitable in small and medium banana chips production.
banana cutter machine
Advantages of Automatic Banana Slicing Machine
This totally automatic banana slicing machine can run smoothly without few operating problems. What you need to do is to place peeled bananas into the feeding throat and wait round and neat sliced banana chips coming out. These cutting knives inside rotates in high speed and bananas will automatically fall for its gravity.
1. Unique slicing machines in banana chips production line,high efficiency and low energy consumption.
2. Specially designed wafer machine for various round shaped fruits and vegetables like apple, kiwi, pineapple, carrot, lotus root, cucumber.
3. Can be used in fruit deep-processing line such as fruit can, fruit juice, preserved fruit and dried fruit.
banana slicer
Maintance of Banana Chips Cutting Machine
1. All the maintenance work of the slicer must be carried out with the power off; in addition, the clean and tidy and good lighting of the slicer has become an important prerequisite for the safe operation of the banana slicer.
2. It needs to be cleaned after each use. Ensure cleanliness and ensure that there are no residues of foodstuffs and materials;
3.Before starting the work, use the handy wave wheel to observe if there is a knock phenomenon. After starting the switch, observe at the entrance and turn the cutter counterclockwise to be correct. Otherwise, adjust the power cord.
4 .At the same time, do not insert stones or metal materials to prevent chapping.
5. Before the normal work, try cutting and observe whether the specifications and requirements of the cut vegetables are the same. Otherwise, adjust or replace the height of the blade and the turntable until the adjustment is correct and then start the batch normal work;
6 .After the equipment has been used for a period of time, check whether the screws in each area are loose. If it is found to be loose, tighten the screws; if the screws appear to slide, replace them with new ones.
7. When there is abnormal operation and noise, stop and inspect immediately. After troubleshooting, turn it on again.When not using the cutting machine for a long time, place it in a dry and ventilated place.

Technical Data
Model LG700
Voltage 0.75kw,380v-3/220v-3
Weight 100 kg
Capacity 600-800 kg/h
Dimension 650*550*900mm

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