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Automatic Brush Potato Cleaning And Peeling Machine Introduction:
Automatic brush potato cleaning and peeling machine, mainly used for cleaning and peeling of root and stem materials, such as potatoes, potatoes, steamed bread, carrots, etc,potato cleaning and washing machine can be connected to root and stem vegetable and fruit processing production line, a new type of automatic brush cleaning peeling machine change the previous continuous cleaning peeling machine above the material drop, easy to damage the material and inconvenient machine cleaning and other issues, the machine side feeding, no drop, the machine comes with spray and cleaning system, after each use Open the water inlet valve device will be self-cleaning, save time and effort, the machine's stylish and transparent appearance can directly see the entire cleaning process,potato brush washing and peeling machine is an essential product for cleaning and peeling root vegetables and fruits.
brush potato washing machine
The Features of Brush Potato Washing And Peeling Machine
1.The brush potato washing and peeling machine can customize the cleaning or peeling function according to the hardness of the brush, and can install the waste collection tray.
2.Potato brush roller cleaning and peeling machine is mainly composed of motor, transmission, wool group, etc. It is our factory absorbs the domestic and foreign characteristics of the root potato processing machinery design and manufacturing, mining brush friction principle, widely used in round , Oval fruits and vegetables such as ginger, carrots, hawthorn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other root vegetables cleaning and peeling.
3.The brush roller cleaning and peeling machine has beautiful appearance and convenient operation, large cleaning and peeling capacity, high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, simple operation, long service life, etc. The brush potato washing and peeling machine is specially processed nylon.The wire rope rolling material is peeled into a hardened material, both of which are durable and have good wear resistance.
4.The whole brush potato washing and peling machine adopts high quality stainless steel material, rotating out of material, not rust, clean and sanitary.
5.Potato brush washing and peeling machine is also possible to install a waste collection tray at the bottom of the machine to prevent contamination of the ground with sewage dander.

Note: Each single machine in the assembly line can be customized according to customer's special requirements and their different processing characteristics to meet the customer's process requirements.
brush washing machine

Technical Data
Model Power Dimension Weight Capacity
LG-1500 2.2kw/380v 2400*840*900mm 380kg 1500kg/h
LG-1800 3kw/380v 2550*840*900mm 400kg 1800kg/h
LG-2000 3kw/380v 2900*840*900mm 460kg 2000kg/h
Model Power Dimension Weight Capacity
LG-3000 4kw/380v 2900*1000*900mm 560kg 3000kg/h
LG-4000 4kw/380v 3050*1200*1160mm 600kg 4000kg/h
LG-5000 5.5kw/380v 2900*1285*1150mm 700kg 5000kg/h

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