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stainless steel potato chips frying machine
Commercial Potato Chips Frying Machine Introduction

The whole potato chips frying machine is made of stainless steel, and the high-temperature refractory material is used in the heating inlet to extend the service life of the frying machine by 3 times, which completely solves the problem of fryers' fragility and frequent maintenance. The coal-fired fryers have a single machine,a single machine frame,automatic discharge,automatic feeding,automatic discharge stirring.Its characteristics are characterized by rapid temperature,low production cost and wide application range.Potato chips fryer equipment is the preferred model for small and medium-sized food processing companies and is trusted by the users.
potato chips frying machine
The Application of Automatic Potato Chips Frying Machine
Automatic potato chips frying machine is suitable for deep-fried beans, green beans, peanuts, pine nuts and other nuts and meat, fish, pheasants, chicken legs, tofu, shrimp, chips, vegetables, cat ears, shell crisps and other noodles and puffed foods such as fried.

The Features of Commercial Potato Chips Frying Machine
1.The potato chips frying machine has the principle of different proportion of oil,water,animal oil in the work process to produce natural stratification,animal oil sinks into the lower layers of vegetable oil,fundamentally solved the traditional frying machine residues,animal fats,repeated frying so that frying oil acidification carbonization and deterioration.
2.Effectively control the upper and lower oil layer convection by heating the vegetable oil layer, thus ensuring the purity of various oil layers, the color and flavor of the fried food, and the appearance of the product, improving the product quality.
3.Commercial potato chips frying machine could province the fried oil and conducive to environmental protection.This product solves the problem of excessive oil evaporation caused by traditional overheating of the fryer. The oil-water mixing technology continuously generates a small amount of steam under the oil layer and penetrates into the oil layer to supplement the moisture of the fried oil,thereby inhibiting the oil from volatilization,the central heating process can control the temperature as required, effectively relieve the degree of peroxidation of the frying oil, and inhibit the acid. The production of price has prolonged the life cycle of frying oil, reduced waste, and saved more than 50% of oil than traditional frying machines.
4.With the proportion of vegetable oil and animal oil,the animal oil leached from the fried food naturally sinks into the lower layer of vegetable oil,so that the upper working oil is always kept pure and can be used to fry various foods at the same time and could increase your binusines.
5.The potato chips frying machine is equipped with advanced automatic temperature control device, and the oil temperature can be arbitrarily adjusted from room temperature to 250 degrees. Suppression of overoxidation and acidification of oils resulting from high temperatures.
potato chips frying equipment
The Advantages of Stainless Steel Potato Chips Frying Machine
1.This automatic potato chips frying machine is whole of stainless steel 304.
2.Frying machine using the technology of the mixed oil and water,has the advantage of energy conservation,environmental and healthier.
frying equipment

Technical Data
Model LG1000 LG1200 LG1500 LG2000
700*700*950 1400*700*950 1700*700*950 2200*750*900
70 140 180 240
9 24 36 48
 Oil Capacity
50 100 150 200

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