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Potato Chips Seasoning Machine Introduction
This potato chips seasoning machine is used for food flavoring during food production process. This potato chips equipment has the angle type seasoning cylinder, automatic control of speed and the capacity of the materials, suitable for continuity flavor assembly line. Equipped with spiral feeding device, can independently stir at the same time, make the seasoning will not occur the different proportion, returned to the halogen, formation of sedimentary, bonding, canopies, empty. This potato chips flavoring machine is equipped with powder stirring evenly, quantitative accuracy. The product is a collection of magnetic, electric, electronic, digital delay at an organic whole, high degree of automation. 
potato chips seasoning machine
Main Features of Potato Chips Seasoning Machine:
Potato chips continuous seasoning machine is used for food seasoning in food production process. This equipment has a tilt-type flavoring drum, fully automatic control of speed and material capacity, suitable for pipeline continuous flavoring operations. It is equipped with a screw feeding device, and it can be self-stirred while dusting, so that the seasoning does not occur due to the difference in specific gravity, back to the brine, the formation of the deposition, bonding, emptying. Equipped with stirring dusting, uniform, accurate quantitative. The product integrates electromagnetic, optical control, electronic control and digital delay in one, with a high degree of automation.
flavoring machine
The Structure of Potato Chips Flavoring Machine: 
The device consists of stents, roller, roller transmission system, powdering system, powder transmission system, board and other major parts.
Operation Steps Of Potato Chips Seasoning Machine
(1) The device plugged into a power supply, this equipment adopts the 220 v power input, the output roller motor as: 380 v,, dusting motor is 220 v. 
(2) Start the roller machine, and roller will slowly start to normal speed. Start dusting motor, dusting equipment begin to work. 
(3) Continuously artificial feed raw material into the machine or put mix seasoning ingredients from feeding port to conveyor.
(4) Open powdering motor, make the seasoning evenly spray in the cylinder; 
(5) Check the running parts, start working after ensuring normal operation. 
(6) If speed is too high, the inverter can be rotate knob to the left, slow speed variable, the minimum not less than 70% of the highest speed 
(7) Material inside the drum moves forward quickly, can reduce roller Angle, too slow higher roller Angle.
seasoning machine
Technical Data
Model LG2400 LG3000
Capacity 1000 kg/h 1500 kg/h
Power 0.75kw 1.1kw
Weight 300 kg 380 kg
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