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cutting machine
Automatic Prawn Cracker Cutting Machine Introduction
This prawn cracker cutting machine is a multi-purpose cutting machine developed by analog cutting and shearing principle, and adopting technologies such as stepless speed-regulating drive, stepless adjusting feed mechanism and pier cutting mechanism. It is widely used in the processing of meat, fish and vegetables.
cracker cutting machine
Features of Prawn Chips Cutting Machine
Prawn chips cutting machine(shrimp crackers slicing machine) is special matching equipment with curing machine and extruding machine. Before using slicer, first check the bolt looseness of each part, the blade is sharp or not, can produce slices after making sure no problem.  Every time before slicing, put some oil on the blade. The thickness of  shrimp slice can be adjusted according to customer demand, fast feeder speed is to cut out thick prawn crackers, while lower feeder speed can cut the prawn crackers into thin ones. 
prawn chips slicer
Maintance of Prawn Chips Cutting Machine
1.Bearing of the machine should be added to engine oil on time. 
2.Check machine once a day during work, check the machine bolt is loose, whether the oil seal leakage. 
3.After completion of each work downtime on the cylinder and the screw must be scrap clean. 
chips cutting machine
About Our Company
Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery Co, Ltd, is carried out in 2010 after the establishment of enterprise of the limited liability company, which is technology-intensive areas of key enterprises in Zhengzhou National Spark 27. Main products of Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery are: banana chips production line, potato chips processing line, French fries production line, peanut coating line, fried food frying line, continuous frying machine, chips cutting machine and other food processing line. The products sell well in 130 countries, well received by customers. Our company's rapid development depends on the following factors.
Exquisite Craftsmanship:
LONGER advanced equipment, complete product lines and skilled QC technicians provide assurance that products are of the highest quality
High Level Management:
This is another key advantages For LONGER in this filed, focusing on marketing networks, purchasing, manufacturing, after-sale service, etc.
Innovative development:
Research, manufacture, learn, and insist innovative technology system, to work together with experts to make contribution on food machine industry.
cutting machine

Technical Data
Model Power Size
Cutting Machine 3.55kw 1050*610*750mm
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