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Features of Shrimp Cracker Production Line
Shrimp cracker snack is a kinda of foods with a smooth,creamy texture.With the improvement of the people’s living standards and changes in lifestyles, various cereal puffed foods are quickly and easily accessible to millions of households as a convenient, nutritious snack. The equipment price of the shrimp chips production line has the features of multiple models, flexible equipment configuration, wide range of raw materials, multiple product types,and simple operation.Through the transformation of different molds and changing the shrimp cracker production process can produce a variety of puffed food on the market,this kind of shrimp cracker production line is suitable for all types of food manufacturers.
shrimp cracker making machine
The Introduction of Prawn Cracker Processing Line
1.Mixer Machine
This mixing machine is used to mix the raw material for making prawn crackers, including corn starch(Tapioca), shrimp oil, shrimp powder, shrimp sauces and more. This mixer can mix 30 kg starch per time, and one time cost about 10 minutes. Raw material are mixed into flocculent type. This machine can be used in the prawn cracker processing line, the first step for shrimp cracker making, saving time and labor force. This mixer also can be used in noodles production line, and other snacks processing. 
2.Curing Machine 
This extruding machine has the function of curing the mixed raw material, an very important part in shrimp chips production line. Through screw rotation, Extrusion to produce energy to cure the mixed raw material.
3.Extruder Machine
Shrimp chips extruder machine(molding machine) is the special corollary equipment with shrimp chips curing machine. Curing machine delivers raw material into the extruding machine after cooked starch, to produce different specifications shrimp rods (size specifications can be customized according to customer needs and decision).
4.Cutting Machine
Prawn chips cutting machine(shrimp crackers slicing machine) is special matching equipment with curing machine and extruding machine. Before using slicer, first check the bolt looseness of each part, the blade is sharp or not, can produce slices after making sure no problem.  Every time before slicing, put some oil on the blade.The thickness of  shrimp slice can be adjusted according to customer demand, fast feeder speed is to cut out thick prawn crackers, while lower feeder speed can cut the prawn crackers into thin ones.
prawn cracker making machine
1.We rovide a variety of basic formulations.
2.We support avariety of shapes for you to choose.
3.We free installation and debugging.
4.Responsible for training personnel.
5.Free warranty for one year.
6.According to the customer's plant size to provide a more reasonable equipment placement program.   
shrimp chips processing line
Installation and Use of Shrimp Cracker Production Line
1.Before using curing machine, add the oil 2 liters to gear box. 
2.The machine should be installed on the flat solid concrete ground. 
3.Check the machine parts is complete, the bolt is strong. 
4.Confirm the parts in good condition, connect power, make the machine idle run for 2-3 minutes, no other exceptions, begin to work. 
5.Pour mixed starch raw material into feeding machine inside the bucket,running for 1 to 2 minutes until temperature in cylinder rise,and then adjust the feeding machine speed. 
shrimp chips making line
Technical Data
Machine Quantity Detail
Mixing Machine 1 set Power: 3000w
Capacity: 30kg/time/10min 
Size: L1850*W810*H1950mm
Extruder 1 set Power:18.5KW
Cylinder Dia.: 100mm
Re-extruding and Shaping Machine 1 set Power:18.5KW
Cylinder Dia.: 100mm
Capacity: 80-120kg
Size: L1850*W810*H1950mma
Cutting Machine 1 set Power:3.55KW
Size: L1050*W610*H750mm
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