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The Features of Automatic French Fries Blanching Machine
1.The whole french fries blanching machine is made of stainless steel with the high quality.
2.In order to ensure the uniform blanching hot tank, using hot water circulation to make the product quality as one, control the original product color and product rate.
3.Automatic french fries blanching machine the device is equipped with a multi-point measurement function to meet the needs of different customers on the product temperature.
4.The device of potato blanching machine is equipped with automatic heating system, the temperature can be automatically controlled, the speed of frequency control.
5.Automatic french fries blanching machine in order to ensure the blanching, cooling each section with a surf configuration.
blanching machine
Automatic French Fries Blanching Machine Working Principle:
The belt-type steam french fries blanching machine combines blanching and cooling in one, and it is equipped with a superheated steam generator, which does not require boiler equipment. No pressure operation, safe and reliable. The machine has the characteristics of quick fixation, protection of enzyme color and timely dehydration and cooling, and once completed, the fruits and vegetables maintain the original natural color.
Through french fries blanching machine, the activity of enzymes in fruits and vegetables is stopped, to maintain the unique fresh color of fruits and vegetables, diffuse the green odor of vegetables and retain the fragrance, enhance the softness of cells, and facilitate the evaporation of water. Requirements lay a good foundation. 
french fries blanching machine
French Fries Blanching Machine Application Area:
French fries blanching machine is mainly used for blanching and fixing of fragile products such as fruits, root vegetables and carrots, asparagus, mushrooms, and fruit slices. Automatic french fries blanching machine is an indispensable blanching device for pre-processing such as quick freezing, dehydration, and freeze-drying.
Automatic French Fries Blanching Machine Advantages:
1.The french fries blanching machine adopts frequency conversion transmission, transmission speed is stable, so it can achieve automatic and continuous production,vegetable blanching machine can be regulated and controlled at any time,the transportation network uses high strength stainless steel, structure is firm and can load heavy weights, so enhance the production efficiency greatly. The device has the advantages of beautiful appearance, reasonable structure and convenient operation. 
2.The automatic french fries blanching machine is made by high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, cooking temperature and speed can be set according to the technological requirements. It has advantages of running smoothly, low noise, low flexibility, easy to maintain and not easy to deform, the water temperature is controlled by the temperature controller automatically, speed adopt frequency conversion.
blanching machine
Technical Data
Model Power Voltage Dimension Capacity
LG-700 125 KW 380V/50Hz 4000*1600*950mm 700 kg/h

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