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French Fries Deoiling Machine Introduction
French fries deoiling machine It is one of the indispensable equipments for deep-frying fried foods. It is not only crispy and non-greasy, but also beneficial to health. The throw-away can be reused, greatly reducing the waste of cooking oil, and improving profit margin while reducing costs.
french fries deoiling machine
Features of French Fries Oil Remaving Machine
1.All-oil or oil-water mixed structure, automatic filtration of residue, can extend the oil change cycle, greatly reducing the cost of oil.
2.French fries oil removing machine makes the fried food is not only good in color, smell and taste, but also looks clean and beautiful,it also improves product quality and extends shelf life.
3.The deoiling machine adopts imported high-quality stainless steel material, which is exquisite and durable.The intelligent digital display thermostat is convenient and practical.
4.The use of automatic temperature control, no overheating, no residue, to avoid the increase in acid prices, greatly reducing the working fumes.Automatic temperature control, effective separation of poor quality oil, safe, easy to clean, easy maintenance, with over-temperature protection device, allowing you to feel at ease
deoiling machine
Working principle of French Fries Oil Removing Machine:
De-oiling machine is provided with eccentric exercise for its working principle, motor to drive the tank for high speed rotation, fried food in high speed rotating when the machine operating centrifugal motion, oil will be throw away from the holes, remove oil.


Technical Data
Model Dimension Power Voltage Capacity
LG-400 1000*500*700mm 1.1kw 220v/380v 200-300kg/h
LG-500 1100*600*750mm 1.5kw 220v/380v 300-400kg/h
LG-600 1200*700*750mm 2.2kw 220v/380v 400-500kg/h
LG-800 1400*900*800mm 3kw 220v/380v 500-700kg/h

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