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Continuous French Fries Frying Machine Introduction
The continuous french fries frying machine body is made of 304 stainless steel. Digital display of operating temperature, micro PLC computer control system. The continuous frying machine is equipped with a high-efficiency burner, which provides rapid heating and high production efficiency. Use oil-water mixed manufacturing process. Avoid the shortcomings of the traditional black frying machine with black oil, fast oil carbonization and short shelf life. The use of variable frequency speed control to control the conveying speed effectively prevents the phenomenon of deep-frying coke that can not be delivered in time during the food frying process. The equipment is equipped with an electric lifting system and a manual lifting system; it is manually lifted to prevent power outages; it is convenient for customers to clean the interior of the equipment.

french fries frying machine
Features of French Fries Frying Machine
1.The equipment uses electricity, coal, thermal oil or natural gas as heating energy, and the whole machine is made of special materials for food machinery.
2.The operation of our continuous frying machine is simple, safe, easy to clean, easy to maintain and save fuel. All use of belt or hook transmission product frequency or electromagnetic speed regulation. The internal use of advanced oil and water mixing technology or the use of all-oil filtration technology, completely changed the structure of traditional frying equipment, fundamentally lifted the drawbacks of traditional frying machines, and then guide the new century of new diet fashion.
3.Continuous frying machine have a high degree of automation, high efficiency, high output, and high quality of fried products. French fries frying machine is the ideal equipment for medium and large fried food processing enterprises.
4.Continuous french fries frying machine has a high degree of automation. There are automatic, manual lifting system, unique product delivery system, slagging system, heating system, oil circulation system, smoke exhaust system, electronic control system and other components. The use of safety, convenience and hygiene is the ideal equipment for food processing plants.
automatic french fries frying machine
The Advantage of French Fries Frying Machine
1.The use of international oil and water mixing process design, compared with ordinary frying pan, more oil-saving. Extend the use cycle of cooking oil, there is no production of carbonized oil, saving 50% of oil, and equipment investment can be recovered in half a year.
2.The food produced by using this fryer technology is of good finish, bright color, and the quality of the product is obviously improved, and the problem of excessive acidification of the fried food is solved.
3.Using the frying apparatus, the food residue generated during the frying process can sink into the lower funnel through the filtration of water and be discharged through the sewage outlet, thus not only achieving the effect of filtering the oil, but also not wasting oil.
4.A multi-purpose machine, without changing the oil can be fried a variety of food, no smoke, no odor, save time and environmental protection. Compared with ordinary fryers, the foods fried in this machine do not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances.
frying machine
Technical Data
Model LG-3500 LG-5000 LG-6000
Heating Electric/Gas/Diesel Electric/Gas/Diesel Electric/Gas/Diesel
Power 90-120kw 90-120 150-240
Dimension 3500*800*2400mm 5000*1000*200mm 6500*1200*2000mm
Capacity 100-300 200-500 500-1000
Temperature 0-300℃ 0-300℃ 0-300℃

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