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banana chips frying machine
The Features of Banana Chips Frying Machine
1.This kind of banana chips frying machine could save fried oil, conducive to environmental protection this product solves the traditional frying machine overheating drying caused a large amount of volatile oil. The oil-water mixing technology keeps a small amount of steam under the reservoir, and through the oil layer to add water to fry, so as to inhibit the oil is not a large amount of volatilization; The central heating process can be adjusted according to the needs of the electric control device at will control up and down the temperature, effectively reduce the oxidation of frying oil, inhibit the production of acid, thus prolonging the use of oil
Reduce waste, than traditional frying machine save more than 50% of oil, while reducing air pollution, so that operators to avoid the pain of smoky.
2.When use the banana chips frying machine the oil will not flavoured,one machine uses this craft to control by the limit position, district temperature control, the scientific use of vegetable oil and the proportion of animal oils, so that the fried food leaching of animal oil naturally sank into the lower level of vegetable oils, so that the upper-middle working oil has always remained pure, can be fried at the same time a variety of food, not Chuanwei, a machine for multiple use.
3.The banana chips frying machine was equipped with advanced automatic temperature control device,oil temperature between room temperature to 230 degrees of arbitrary regulation, according to the FRY after the selection of good temperature, automatic control heating of the on-off situation, to protect the constant temperature, not only reduce energy consumption, but also easy to operate, fast, improve the efficiency.
4.This kind of plantain chips fryer machine could improve the quality and ensure health.The special process makes the residue and animal oil leave the working layer, and the central heating effectively controls the convection of upper and lower layers, thus ensuring the purity of various reservoirs,
5.Fried food not only color flavor and taste, the appearance of clean and beautiful (no black spots phenomenon), improve product quality, extended the shelf life.
banana chips frying machine
The Useage of Banana Chips Frying Machine
This banana chips frying machine can fry meat food, fish, peanuts, pasta, beans and so on, nearly half of the fuel saving, nearly half of the resources, the fried products of the same temperature, quality. Greatly enhance the competitive advantage.
plantain chips frying machine
About Our Company
Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery Co, Ltd, is carried out in 2010 after the establishment of enterprise of the limited liability company, which is technology-intensive areas of key enterprises in Zhengzhou National Spark 27. Main products of Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery are: banana chips production line, potato chips processing line, French fries production line, peanut coating line, fried food frying line, continuous frying machine, chips cutting machine and other food processing line. The products sell well in 130 countries, well received by customers. Our company's rapid development depends on the following factors.

Exquisite Craftsmanship:
LONGER advanced equipment, complete product lines and skilled QC technicians provide assurance that products are of the highest quality
High Level Management:
This is another key advantages For LONGER in this filed, focusing on marketing networks, purchasing, manufacturing, after-sale service, etc.
Innovative Development:
Research, manufacture, learn, and insist innovative technology system, to work together with experts to make contribution on food machine industry.
banana chips frying machine

Technical Data
Model LG1500
Dimension(mm) 1700*700*950
Weight(kg) 180
Power(KW) 36
Oil Capacity 150kg/h

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