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onion rings frying machine
Automatic Onion Rings Frying Machine Introductions:
1.Automatic onion rings frying machine is developed specially for customers such as restaurant, fried chicken store, snack bar, bakery and etc. Radiator pipe heating tube, can be used for fish, chicken, vegetable etc.
2.Onion ring frying machine is made of high quality stainless steel with exquisite technique.
3.This kind of onion rings frying machine adopts intelligent digital display temperature controlling device with convenient and practical function.
4.Onion ring frying machine adopts oil water integrate technology,residua filtered automatically so avoid oil acid value incensement and black oil,reduce lampblack greatly.
5.This kind of onion rings fryer machine adopts divisional temperature controlling system so as to separate the bad oil effectively.Flavor will not mix even fry many kinds of different food,onion rings frying machine can be used for many purposes.
6.Creepage protection device equipped, keep operation under safety. 
7.This onion ring frying machine is whole the stainless steel 304 with the high quality.
8.This automatic onion ring frying machine is using the technology of the mixed oil and water,has the advantage of energy conservation,environmental and healthier.
automatic onion ring frying machine
The Features Of Onion Ring Frying Machine:
1.Oil-water mixed frying machine uses high-quality stainless steel material, exquisite workmanship, sturdiness and durability.
2.The use of intelligent temperature control instrument, according to the need to set the frying temperature, convenient and practical.
3.The use of oil-water mixing technology, automatic filter residue, extend the replacement cycle of edible oil, greatly reducing the cost of product explosion.
4.Onion ring frying machine has the automatic temperature control, no overheating slows down the carbonation rate of edible oils, and suppresses the speed of oleic acid consumption. It effectively separates inferior oils and greatly reduces fumes produced during frying.
onion frying machine
Advantages of Automatic Onion Rings Frying Machine
1.Automatic onion rings frying machine adopts the newest and the most advanced technology in china.
2.The onion rings frying machine use the low temperature frying and the water temperature and oil temperature is automatically control.
4.Onion rings frying machine adopts principle"water-oil separator",the oil is above,the water is below which can keep the oil clean and continuous to use
5.Onion ring frying machine has no oil smoke,this can keep the health of the working people.
7.Electricity saving is 40%, oil saving is 50% 
8.Our onion rings frying machine is a kind of smokeless and multifunctional frying equipment.Automatic onion ring frying machine adopts advanced international water-oil mixture frying technology to ensure quality and taste  of the 
products,and has solved the disadvantages of traditional frying equipment. 
9.Due to low energy consumption and less cost investment, our healthy onion rings frying machine is ideal equipment for small and medium-sized food processing enterprises.
onion ring frying machine
Onion Ring Frying Machine After Sale Service
1. Product Quality Commitment:
Product manufacturing and testing have quality records and test data.
Test the performance of the product throughout the day, check the box and ship it after confirmation.
2. Product Price Commitment:
In order to ensure the high reliability and advancement of the products, the selection of materials for the system and the material of the machinery are made using domestic or international high-quality brand-name products. Under the same competitive conditions, our company will provide the most affordable price on the basis of not reducing the technical performance of products and changing the parts of products.
Your side.
3. Delivery Commitment:
According to delivery delivery, if the user has special requirements, it needs to be completed in advance. Our company can organize special production, install according to customized products, and strive to meet customer needs.
When the product is delivered, our company provides customers with technical maintenance manuals, general installation drawings, purchased parts manuals and manufacturers, and lists of wearing parts and spare parts.
4. Product Use Commitment:
If the product fails during use (non-human damage), one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.
onion ring frying machine

Technical Data
Model Dimension
Oil Capacity
( kg/h)
LG1000 700*700*950 70 9 50

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