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Fried Peanut Processing Line Introduction
This fried peanut processing machine is mainly used to process peanut to be fried peanut.The automatic coating peanut production line is suitable for all kinds of food factory with larger output and fried chicken fast-food restaurants, shops and bakeries, etc.

Fried Peanut Production Line Process:
elevator--drying machine-flavoring machine-oil frying machine-de-oiling machine-flavoring machine-cooling-picking line.
fried food production line
Features of Automatic Coating Peanut Production Line 
1.Automatic peanut production line is developed specially for customers such as restaurant, fried chicken store,snack bar,bakery and etc.Radiator pipe heating tube, can be used for fish, chicken, vegetable etc.
2.Fried peanut processing line is made of high quality stainless steel with exquisite technique.
3.Roasted peanut snacks production line adopts intelligent digital display temperature controlling device with convenient and practical function.
4.Automatic coated peanut production line adopts oil water integrate technology, residua filtered automatically so avoid oil acid value incensement and black oil, reduce lampblack greatly.
5. Fried peanut production line adopts divisional temperature controlling system so as to separate the bad oil effectively. Flavor will not mix even fry many kinds of different food,it can be used for many purposes.
6.Fried peanut production line cree page protection device equipped, keep operation under safety.
7.This fried food production line is whole the stainless steel 304.
8.Using the technology of the mixed oil and water, has the advantage of energy conservation, environmental, healthier.
fried peanut production line
Automatic Peanut Continuous Frying Machine Introduction
1.The main body of peanut continuous frying machine uses SUS304 stainless steel.
2.The synchronous of revolution and rotation mixing way, ensures the uniformity of the food Fried, in case of food stick together, because of extrusion, mixing system makes the frequency conversion.
3.This automatic peanut continuous frying machine has the automatic discharging system, reduce the labor intensity of the workers,to ensure the consistency of the food fried in frying machine time,improve the quality of the product.
Note: Special sizes can be produced according to customer’s demand.
4.The continuous frying machine can be made to be gas heating and electric heating. For gas heating type, it needs to add the burner and the gas pipe. Thus the cost and the size of gas model will be bigger.
5.The stirring function can help you to stir the frying material well, especially for the floating material, such as vegetable and fruit chips, the stirrer can press them into oil by the rotary of shaft and flap valve, labour-saving and get beautiful fried food. The stirrer can rotary all around the pan.
6.The continuous frying machine 's discharging parts are designed into groove model to help the material to feed out smoothly and correctly.
7.Operation buttons, we will put it in your language as you want, convenient for operating.
8.If this continuous fryer machine is made to be gas heating type. The burner adopts Italian brand .Every parts is important for a whole machine.
peanut frying machine

Technical Data
Name Model Power  Dimension
Lifting Machine LG 0.55Kw 1700*800*900mm
Continuous Deep Fryer LGDF-G300 2.25Kw 3500*1200*2400mm
Deoiling Machine LGD-1000 1.5KW 1200*1100*1400mm
Lifting Machine LG 0.55Kw 1700*800*900
Cooling Machine LGAC-400 8.6Kw 4000*1200*1500

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