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Description of Automatic Fried Peannut Deoiling Machine
1.Put the fried products in the deoiling cage of this machine, the machine runs to remove the extra oil.The theory just like the washing machine. 
2.This aotomatic peanut oil removing machine is made of 304 stainless steel, so it is very heavy-duty.
3.Fried peanut oil removing machine is easy to operate ,after the deoiling , you just need to press the handle,the products can flow down automatically.
4.This automatic fried peanut deoiling machine equips the oil tube,the removed oil can be collected in your container through the tube.
peanut deoiling machine
Advantage of Automatic Fried Peanut Deoiling Machine
1.Automatic fried peanut deoiling machine is made of stainless steel, in conformity with the food sanitation requirements.
2.Automatic fried peanut deoiling machine is variable – frequency controlled, smooth in operation.
3.The drum rotating speed can be adjusted depending on the process requirements.
4.Both the automatic charge and discharge; the time of taking off oil can be adjusted.
5.This automatic deoiling machine has the function of automatic feeding and automatic discharging.
automatic peanut deoiling machine
Fried Peanut Oil Removing Machine Working Principle
This fried peanut oil removing machine adopts the low-speed rotation of the oil removal drum and the uniform feeding of the upper part,so that the objects are evenly loaded into the oil removal drum, and then is automatically controlled by the frequency converter.The oil removal drum runs at a low speed and gradually increases the speed to the working speed. The items with oil High-speed centrifugation separates the object from the oil through the wall of the porous oil stripping cylinder. The separated oil is flung to the inner wall of the outer cylinder and is collected and discharged from the oil outlet to the oil pan to complete the deoiling process of the object. Suspended on a vibration damping device consisting of four groups of compression springs.
fried peanut oil removing machine

Technical Data
Model Capacity Power Dimension
LGD-100 200Kg/h 2.2KW 1200*1100*1400mm

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