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Peanut Coating Machine Introduction
Automatic peanut coating machine is equipped with a stepless speed regulation device,peanut coating machine can process a variety of granular foods, including Japanese beans,Korean beans,hollow beans,fish skins,peanuts,and a variety of foods such as wrappers,hanging sugar,and molding. 
1.This sugar coated peanut making machine has advantages of simplified operation,smooth,fine and bright tablet surface.
2.This peanut coating machine saving auxiliary materials and convenient maintenance.
3.This kind of peanut sugar coating machine is the ideal equipment for production of sugarcoated tablets.
peanut coating machine
Features of Sugar Coated Peanut Coating Machine
1.Peanut poating machine is designed for the coating of nuts,dried fruits,cakes and other products by sugar,chocolate,vitamins and fruit shell.
2.This kind of sugar coated peanut making machine has the infinitely variable speed control software and coating drum provide high performance, ease of management,ease of use.
3.The drums of sugar coated making machine have a reliable and sealed lubrication system.Drum is made of stainless steel.
4.The drums have a reliable and sealed lubrication system. Drum is made of stainless steel, the body of the peanut sugar coating machine is painted with white enamel.The drum is equipped with rubber pads which protect against vibration.Comfortable and easy to maintain and operate.
peanut coating machine

Technical Data
Model LGF-11
Power 1.1-1.5 kw
Voltage 380 v
Capacity 30-50 kg/time
Weight 90 kg
Dimension 1360*800*1200mm

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