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Wet Type Peaqnut Peeling Machine Introduction
This kind of wet type peanut peeling machine is a special equipment for peeling peanut skin by using wet process.Peanut peeling machine can be used together with fried peanut rice production line, or it can be used in stand-alone mode.Wet type peanut peeling machine is widely used for frying, peanuts, peanut protein milk powder, rice pudding and Pre-peeled peanut butter and canned products. The unique slag removal device automatically separates the separated small granules from the finished product after detaching, eliminates the machine and avoids the phenomenon of excessive impurities and the pollution of frying oil during the frying process. After peeling peanut peeling rate is high, not broken, color white, the surface is not brown, protein invariability, peeling, while the rice automatically excluded.
peanut peeling machine
Features of Wet Type Peanut Peeling Machine
Wet types peanut peeling machines use high-standard pure rubber soft rollers to perform manual movements. The red of peanuts is easy to fall off, and the operation is convenient. The yield is high. The peeling rate is above 98% without damage. The valve rate is less than 5%, which is currently the most advanced peanut peeling equipment in China.
1.Our wet type peanut peeling machine has the longer service life.
2.Red peanut skin removing machine has the smooth and fine operation.
3.Resistance against corrosion.
4.Peel the skin uniformly, the peanut peeling machine is with high peeling rate.
5.Peanut peeling machine is easy to operate, less broken rate.
peanut peeler machine
Wet Type Peanut Peeling Machine Working Principle
Wet peanut peeling machine peanut peeling structure is mainly used: to combat, rubbing mainly steel rod or steel grating concave structure, to squeeze, rub mainly rubber roller or rubber floating concave structure two categories. The former has the disadvantage of high breakage rate of peanuts, and the latter has low shelling efficiency and removal rate. Peanut peeling machine has a frame, fan, rotor, single-phase motor, screen (has two sizes), into the hopper, vibration screen, V-belt wheel and its transmission triangle belt and other components. After the equipment is in normal operation, the peanuts are put into the hopper quantitatively, evenly and continuously. Peanut shells are crushed under the repeated impact, friction and collision of the peanuts. Peanut granules and broken peanut husks under a rotating air pressure and blow of the rotor, through a certain aperture sieve (the first time the peanut threshing with a large hole sieve, the small rind after the election is replaced by a small hole sieve. Secondary shelling. At this time, the peanut shells and pellets were subjected to the blowing force of a rotating fan. The light weight peanut shells were blown out of the machine and the peanuts were screened by vibrating screens for cleaning purposes.
peanut skin removing machine
The Maintance of Wet Type Peanut Skin Removing Machine
1.The wet type peanut skin removing machine  uses a V-belt transmission. After the new belt is used for a period of time, due to the effect of tension, it will gradually elongate and appear loose. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the degree of tension of each transmission belt and the clearance of each fitting part, and adjust in time.
2,.Peanut skin removing machine during the operation, should always pay attention to the machine's speed, sound, temperature is normal. Every time one type or one day of operation is finished, it is necessary to stop the machine to check whether the bearings are overheated or not, and whether the fastening screws or key pins in each part are loose, and if they are loose, they should be fastened at any time, especially at high speed parts, such as: Whether the fan blades, especially the lower fan blades, are worn or broken, and whether the reinforcement plates used for the blades are worn or deformed, repair or replace them in time if problems are found.
3.The bearing of the sieve body hanging shaft and all living joints shall be checked in a timely manner to see if there is any lack of oil and wear, and if there is timely refueling and replacement. After each operation, the bottom of the screen of the pod machine, ie the hole in the stencil, is periodically cleaned with a wire brush.
4.After the processing season is over, the machine will undergo a major inspection. Check the running and wear of each bearing; check the screen bottom for deformation or cracks; check the wear of the sorting screen. After the inspection is over, the damaged part is repaired to remove the dirt and residual peanuts from the machine.
5.After the peanut skin removing machine is used, remove the belt and store the machine in a dry warehouse. Remove the belt and hang it on the interior wall that is not exposed to the sun.
peanut skin removing machine
Wet Type Peanut Peeling Machine Advantages
1.The design of wet type peanut peeling machine structure is reasonable.
2.Peanut skin removing machine has the smooth operation,long service life,high peeling efficiency,good quality.
3.Wet type peanut peeling machine can be used in combination, can be completed feeding, peeling, sucking, picking, vacuuming, packaging flow operations,
4.Peanut peeling machine the quality of peeling to meet export standards.Peanut peeling machine is mainly used for the peeling of milk peanuts,peanut butter, peanut milk,and peanut granules before production.
5.Peanut peeling machine is with the high automation program,high valve rate,low noise,no pollution and other characteristics.
6.The wet type peanut peeling machine is equipped with a dust suction device and a vibrating screen. The dust suction device can suck off the red skin of the peanuts.The vibrating screen can effectively remove the embryos of the peanut buds,and thus can be separated into an ideal peanut half-grain.
peeling machine

Technical Data
Model LGT-8 LGT-11
Capacity 150-160kg/h 200-220kg/h
Peeling Rate 96% 96%
Voltage 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ
Power 0.75kw 1.5kw
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