How to Use and Precautions of Banana Chips Frying Machine?

After many manufacturers choose to buy our banana chips frying machine, because they cannot understand the specific usage and functions of the equipment, the equipment cannot be used normally and the work progress is delayed. Today, we will briefly introduce the use of frying equipment for everyone. Reference to understand, we can use the method to specifically operate their own equipment.

Before using the banana chips frying machine, the products to be produced are pasta series, bean products, or puffed foods. The production processes of different products are different. Therefore, it is necessary to consider in advance. According to the use of different methods can be divided into oil and water mixing equipment and pure oil equipment. Stubble, Shaqima, cat ears and other pasta series, beans, green beans, bean curd, fish tofu and other bean products, suitable for oil and water mixing equipment, puffed foods, conditioning foods suitable for pure oil equipment.
banana chips continuous frying machine
When the banana chips fryer is used, it must be refueled in the furnace so as not to burn the electric heating tube; the surface of the heating tube will produce some oil residue for a period of time.The bananna chips continuous frying machine should be cleaned in time and cleaned at least four times per month,the debris on the surface of the fryer must be cleaned in time, and the residue can not be accumulated.Too much or too thick to prevent the heat stored in the slag from causing fire.Summer oil-water mixing fryers change water once a day, and in the winter, they can be replaced regularly according to water quality to protect the quality of the oil,the heating pipe must be immersed in the medium to work.Check the performance and sensitivity of the photoelectric switch regularly.General advanced equipment is equipped with automatic temperature control device.The oil temperature can be arbitrarily adjusted from room temperature to 230 degrees.After the selected temperature of the fried product is selected,the on-off state of the heating is automatically controlled to maintain the constant temperature, which not only reduces the energy consumption,but also reduces the energy consumption.Moreover, the operation is simple and quick,and the working efficiency is improved,which is welcomed by users.