How to Make Banana Chips At Home?

The nutritional value of bananas is almost universally known, and the banana chips sold in supermarkets are also very popular. But now parents are very strict about the children's snacks, so when we are free, we can do it for the babies. A pure natural snack without any chemical additives not only tastes crunchy, but also can be made to eat now. Children will love it very much.The following we will introduce how to make banana chips at home for you.
banana chips
First ,the banana cuts the thin slice, the banana must choose the freshest hard-boiled banana, (Can't use the unripe banana, or will not be able to eat it will be astringent), only then cuts thinly, as thin as possible, the homemade banana Different from the production process in the film and the factory, they can only win by thin.
Second,put the banana row on non-stick cloth.
Third,add a layer of fine sugar on the surface of banana slicer. Remember to make sugar fine, not sugar powder, too thick sugar will not have a good taste. Although the banana itself is already sweet, the thin sugar helps the finished product crisp, so thin a thin layer of auxiliary can be enough.
Fouth,the oven is 100 degrees, the upper layer, the time is about half an hour -40 minutes, but mainly depends on the actual situation, if the touch is still soft and sticky, it will continue to bake, anyway, this is a low temperature baking, not too much electricity . If the oven has hot air, it must be turned on, the drying speed will be faster, and it will be dry until the surface is not sticky. After it has been formed, it will be lifted from the tarpaulin and it is already a thin one.
Next,Then move them to the roasting net, continue 100 degrees, the middle, about half an hour. On the grilling the net will also be slightly softened, because one side was covered with tarpaulin, this step is to make both sides can be dried, baked to dry on both sides, it has been obviously a brittle hard touch molding, it can be. If time is not enough, just add some time to it. Don't keep staring. Low temperature, will not burn out.
The last,after the oven is air-dried,it is the most crunchy when it is completely cooled. If you do not want to eat it immediately, you must store it in a dry crisper, and it will keep crisp when you eat it.
commercial banana chips

The Maintance of Make Banana Chips
1.Choose the hard-boiled bananas,then the banana will be more easier to control the thickness.
2.Because each oven temperature is different so please pay attention to adjust to low temperature baking.When the time is up, you can try whether it is crispy, so consider whether to continue to bake.
3.Sugar can increase the crispness, a small amount can be enough.