The Benefit of Banana Chips Continuous Frying Machine

It's important to choose a good frying machine when you makes the fried food.The next we will introduce our banana chips continuous frying machine for you.
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The Benefit of Banana Chips Continuous Frying Machine
1.Banana chips continuous frying machine adopts double-layer stainless steel spiral mesh belt,namely pressing mesh belt and feeding mesh belt.Inverter motor integrated control, mesh speed inverter adjustable,adjustable spacing between the upper and lower mesh belt,to meet the processing requirements of different products.
2.Plantain chips continuous frying machine adopt pressing mesh belt can ensure that the product is inside the edible oil, scraper-type discharge method, discharge completely.
3.Direct heating inside the heating pipe,tube heating pipe,a total of five groups, each group 12KW,a total of 60KW.
4.The electric heating pipe is located in the middle of the conveyor belt, and it can be heated in time to meet the normal production needs.
5.Banana chips continuous frying machine can be raised together with the mesh belt bracket for ease of maintenance.
6.The entire fried area is divided into two sections for temperature control.
7.The smoke and moisture generated during the production process shall be eliminated in a timely manner. The fire extinguishing nozzle shall be provided inside the cover body. The fire extinguisher shall be prepared by the customer. Chimneys are installed in the interior of the chimney to prevent the occurrence of fires and timely and prompt disposal, ensuring overall environmental hygiene and the personal safety of workers.
8.The key automatic lifting system can realize the separate or integrated lifting of the hood, the pressing net belt and the feeding net belt. The gap between the pressing net belt and the conveying net belt can be adjusted to meet the processing requirements of different products. At the same time, it is convenient for workers to maintain and clean the interior of the aircraft.
9.The slag removal system is controlled individually and can be opened according to actual production needs. The oil in the residue can be recovered by slowly pulling the slag board. After the residue is collected, it falls into the residue collection tank and can be cleaned at any time. After the mesh belt bracket falls into the oil groove, the gap between the scraping plate and the conveyor mesh belt is small, and the residue falling into the bottom is taken away from the frying tank to ensure the quality and life cycle of the edible oil.
10.The continuous frying machine's frying area is insulated with aluminum silicate insulation wool, and the insulation thickness is 40mm. The insulation cotton is packaged in tin foil, fixed by rivets to prevent heat loss, and at the same time, the personal safety of workshop workers is ensured. The overall use of stainless steel square tube as the main frame, the overall segment to ensure that the device does not heat deformation for a long time. The exterior of the equipment is made of stainless steel wire drawing board as a decorative board to ensure the overall appearance of the equipment.
11.This kind of banana chips continuous frying machine could control cabinet made of stainless steel, waterproof, good ventilation and cooling effect, panel-type button control, can quickly achieve the control of the equipment and parameter adjustment.

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