The Ways to Control The Temperature of Continuous Frying Machine

In the use of continuous frying machines, the operation of continuous fryer temperature control is usually not very easy to grasp.Here we briefly introduce the temperature control method of continuous fryer.
continuous frying machine
1.Thermostat: It can adjust the unevenness of the oil temperature of the frying machine which is not in the same gear, and can control the on and off of the circuit together. It is through the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of the micro-metal sheet to control the on-off of the thermostat.
2.Temperature limiter:Limiter can not regulate the temperature and humidity of the frying machine, in the circuit can limit the maximum temperature limit of the fryer, when it feels the temperature reaches the temperature limiter itself temperature limit The active disconnection constrains the temperature to rise, and when the temperature drops below its limit, it can actively communicate so that the circuit can continue to work. After mastery of using them, we can have a good grasp of temperature. There is another way to manipulate it. Of course, this is the choice when there is no choice.
3.Fuse:You can constrain the temperature of the fryer, when you feel the temperature limit of the fuse will be blown and then maintain the user's life safety and industrial safety, after the fuse is not used again.
The control of the temperature of the continuous fryer is based on the above three methods, which can improve the power used and ensure the safety of personnel. It is expected that you can use it in fryer operations