What is the Best Cooking Oil for Frying?

The Principle of Fried Food
The smoke point and melting point of the oil determine the cooking method.Unsaturated fatty acids determine the health of the oil.The aromatic organics dissolved in the oil determine the flavor of the oil.The same raw materials,using different processing techniques,containing different ingredients,the applicability is not the same.Fried foods mainly use oil as the heat transfer medium for cooking.Low-temperature frying (50-60 oil temperature) is about 130°C to 170°C,and high-temperature frying (70-80% oil temperature) is about 170°C. To 230 °C, so the oil used for frying oil smoke point is higher than 230 °C.In theory,the higher the smoke point, the more suitable for frying,so that in the process of frying,it will not generate too many harmful substances.
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Oils Suitable For Frying Food
1. Peanut Oil 
Because the unsaturated fatty acid of peanut oil than other edible oil under the most stable, fried most difficult to change or decomposition, the formation of harmful substances. So peanut oil is the healthiest thing to fry. and peanut oil has a unique flavor of peanuts, fried things very attractive.
2. Palm Oil 
Palm oil is mainly to fry instant noodles.Because it is a lot of saturated fatty acids,not perishable.But the solidification point of the temperature is relatively high,China's autumn and winter temperature single palm oil solidified.The oil temperature smoke point is high,235 degrees,therefore fries is very good.
3. Lard 
One of the standard Oil of Chinese food, also suet, fat fat, back oil. If you pay attention, a lot of Chinese food must be done with lard. Chinese dim sum with lard is the right way. Especially the pancake, lard and onions, flour, particularly the ride. Many specialize in the store, fry the oil to add lard, generally accounted for 30% of the proportion to effectively increase the fragrance, fried out of the golden taste of gold and crisp. But the proportion of lard can not be too high, otherwise cold will be very greasy.
4. Coconut oil 
Coconut oil is extracted from the white coconut flesh and contains almost 50% of lauric acid, a healthy saturated fatty acid. It becomes solid at room temperature, so it is not suitable to mix salad, but because of its high smoke point, it is ideal for cooking edible oil.
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Finally, due to cost and mechanical limitations, manufacturers can choose the appropriate oil according to their own purchase of the frying machine.
Coupled with the company frying the oil-water mixing technology, will make the product color better, oil decline, improve product competitiveness and reduce production costs.