How to Make French Fries for Business?

French fries and potato chips are the main methods for deep processing of potatoes. They are very popular snack foods abroad.French fries are delicious and nutritious. With the accelerating world cultural exchanges, potato chips have great potential in the domestic market. The potato is rich in nutrients and is known as the "underground apple" and "the second bread" city. More than two thirds of the world's countries grow potatoes, with a total output of about 3 billion tons, ranking second only to wheat, corn and rice. According to reports by the U.S.authoritative agency, only whole milk powder and potato products can provide all the nutrients the body needs, and therefore it is believed that the potato will be a major food item on the world grain market.So the french fries business will be more and more popular.
french fries production
If you want to do the french fries business what you need to prepare is the french fries production line which including the potato washing and peeling machine→potato cutting machine→potato blanching machine→potato dewater machine→french fries frying machine→french fries deoiling machine→french fries seasoning machine→packing machine.The quality of the french fries processing line is very important ,so you need to select a realible company.

Our company has the whole set of equipment for the french fries production line is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which fully realizes automatic production. The blanching hot pool utilizes boiler steam direct heating method. During the work process, it is heated and converted to water, and after blanching is completed, it is transported to the wind and drain, and then enters the frying line. After frying, cool and mix the ingredients.The entire french fries production line has a high degree of automation, saves labor, and greatly increases production efficiency.Which could help you a lot on your french fries business.
french fries
Our company has do french fries production line have many years we are realible and the quality of this french fries processing line is very goood.
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