How to Choose Potatoes?

Many people are unable to resist the temptation of the world's famous French fries or potato chips. We are well aware that these nutritious potatoes are good for making delicious food.
But do you know what kind of potato is the best partner?
fresh potatoes
First, potatoes are a key ingredient in french fries, and any potato can be processed into French fries and potato chips. But for the perfect potato to produce welcome food, there is no doubt that ripe potatoes such as Mr. Rossetter potatoes. Red meat is a famous starch-containing food or powdered potato. Starch gives the potato its peculiar fluffy feeling. Also, you should make sure that the potato skin has a nice flat brown hue without green casting.The skin that starts peeling off potatoes is good.

Second, you must thoroughly check the potatoes to make sure the potatoes don't have more obvious bruises, discoloration spots or buds. Obvious bruises can seriously affect the taste of potatoes and are not conducive to storage. Seeds of any size may be poisonous. If potatoes sprout or have green skin, don't buy potatoes. The same is true of potatoes turning into green tones. In this case the potatoes were "lightly impacted", which led to the accumulation of a chemical called solanine. This is the natural response of the potato to too much light..The green part, if eaten heavily, can cause disease.
Third, look for new potatoes with smooth, unimpaired and flawless skin. New potatoes or small potatoes are fresh to harvest.
Thin chips have thin skins and a lot of water, and they tend to be sweeter than old potatoes. High quality potatoes are very important to French fries and potato chips. With this information, you can get high-quality potatoes, and then make the perfect fries and potato chips.