How to Make KFC and Mcdonald's French Fries

French fries are a kind of food made from potato, which has been cut into strips and then fried.Fried french fries is one of the most common fast foods and it is popular all over the world.Most of the french fries manufacture said that whatever how many of the cooking methods they try,the fried french fries's taste didn't like the KFC and Mcdonald's.So don't worry that,s because they have the secert recipe.The next we will introduce you how to makes the french fries taste like the KFC and Mcdonald's.
automatic french fries production line
KFC fried French fries,from the distribution center when the semi-finished products,almost already cooked,but need to put a cold room,a bag of paper bags, each time you need to fry,into the fried basket into the fried In the pot,when the button is set automatically,the time is 2 minutes and 45 seconds.At 2 minutes and 15 minutes, the frypot will be called to remind you to shake the fried basket so that the fried chips will not stick together.When time comes,pour it in the fries' holding tank,sprinkle with salt,and pick the blackhead with tweezers,once to 7 minutes.

Both McDonald's and KFC's French fries were soaked in milk (fresh milk or pure milk, and yoghurt was not used) the night before.Before soaking milk,wash it with low-concentration salt water.

On the second day, the taste of chips with soaked milk was almost the same as McDonald's and KFC.
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The raw fries supermarket has bought. Look for a fried basket and pour the raw French fries. The temperature of the French fries should be about 170 degrees. Since the French fries are frozen, the fry basket should be lifted when the French fries are fried for about 1 minute and 30 seconds,leave the oil surface,shake about 5 times,fry in the pan,fry 2 minutes,and then control the net oil,the fries into the dishes,high salt,salt,and then like a waterfall,repeatedly fries Frying from this vessel to another vessel 3-4 times,the French fries can do well,but the oil in the fast food restaurant is palm oil,not the edible oil in the home.

In a word,it's not so easy to makes the delicious french fries in fact,in the processing of McDonald's and KFC's french fries the most important stept is making the frozen french fries,so it's necessary to choose the good quality frozen french fries processing line.

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