How to Use The Continuous Frying Machine Correctly?

With the deepening of the modernization process, this kind of frying methods with high labor intensity and insufficient safety and hygiene has slowly withdrawn from the stage of history and replaced by a fully-automatic fryer. Automatic continuous frying machine not only can fry the fritters, but also can be used to fry all foods that need to be fried, such as pasta, meat products, fruit and vegetable chips, snack foods, and fishery products. For different products with different process characteristics and different capacity requirements, the type of fryer required is also different.How to use the continuous frying machine correctly? The following we will introduce that ways to you.
automatic continuous frying machine
1.Check carefully before starting the electrical equipment is normal.
2.Check the firmness of pipes and valves before starting the automatic fryer.
3.Whether the temperature and pressure of the thermal oil meet the requirements.
4.Check if the air compressor pressure in the air compressor meets the requirements.
5.Start the automatic frying pan frying oil circulation pump with no load, and wait until the oil temperature reaches the set frying temperature.
6.Single feeds follow a decreasing order.
7.Feeding should be careful not to cast fierce material, and it should be dispersed. If the oil temperature of the frying oil fluctuates too much and the speed of temperature drop is fast, it is necessary to shorten the delivery time and lengthen the feeding interval.
8.The oil level of the frying oil is not less than 20cm from the edge of the pan to prevent splashing of frying oil and avoid scald accidents. Care should be taken to prevent scalding.
9.At regular intervals, check the crispness of fried foods.
10.Use a fully automatic fryer in strict accordance with this operating procedure.
11.After the frying operation is completed, close the frying oil in and out of the valve, drain the oil and filter, and clean the equipment.

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