How to Make Fried Onion Rings?

Onions are known in Europe as "Queen of Cuisine" and are rich in nutrients. Besides containing no fat, they contain protein sugar, crude fiber and calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, and nickel. Acid, ascorbic acid and other nutrients.

Modern medical research also shows that onion contains trace elements selenium. Selenium is an antioxidant. Its special role is to make the body produce a large amount of glutathione. The physiological role of glutathione is to deliver oxygen for cellular respiration. The increase in selenium content in the human body will reduce the incidence of cancer. Therefore, onion is a health food. Onions also have a hypoglycemic effect, because onions contain organic substances similar to the hypoglycemic agent sulfadicin, and in the human body can produce a powerful diuretic effect of picolin. Diabetic patients can eat 25 to 50 grams of onion at every meal to have a good effect on lowering blood sugar and diuresis.
onion ring
Therefore the fried onion rings becomes more and more popular on the market.The next we will introduce how to make the fried onion rings frying machine for you.

Required Raw Materials
One onion, one egg, moderate amount of bread crumb, a little flour
Basic Practices
1.The onion cuts the top and bottom, and then cuts into an onion ring. Eggs scattered standby
2.Place the onion rings in the pot, add a little dry flour, and shake so that all the onion rings are evenly coated with a layer of dry flour.
3.Heat the oil in the pan (the amount of oil may be slightly more), dip the onion rings with egg, then wrap a layer of breadcrumbs
4.When the oil temperature becomes hot, change the medium heat and fry the onion rings golden brown.Take out oil control and you're done!
But it is not so easy to makes the fried onion rings,because the temperature is not so easy to control,and if you want to cooking the fried onion rings in a big demand maybe it will be more terrible.How to solve such problems ,our fried onion rings frying machine could help you a lot.
onion ring frying machine
This onion rings frying machine adopts oil mixed with water, and this is one kind of single tank fryer machine, also has other models for selection. For the different proportion of oil and water, automatic layering, oil in the upper level after heating is used to fry food, water in the below collect the sinking slag, can be removed in time, avoid oil residue floating black acidification in the short time. Reduce the lampblack, increase the utilization rate of oil. 

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