How to Clean Peanut Frying Machine?

In general,the peanut continuous frying machine currently on the market have greatly improved their performance relative to some conventional fryers, but no matter how good the advanced quality of the automatic contiinuous frying machine, Inevitably, the peanut continuous frying machine must be cleaned after using the frying machine. Inadvertent cleaning of the oil during the cleaning process will inevitably bring heavy workload to the staff.

Recently,how to better and more convenient and labor-saving frying machine becomes a series of problems that customers are more concerned about.Therefore we will introduce how to clean the peanut frying machine for you,hope this could help you to a certain degree.
peanut continuous frying machine
Peanut continuous frying machine is a smokeless,multifunctional,oil-water mixed frying equipment.Regular cleaning of the frying machines ensures the safety and hygiene of our fried foods.

First of all, we must choose practical tools for cleaning peanuts, such as corrosion inhibitors,surfactants,and chelating agents. The detergent is diluted 1:5 (cleaner: water),or use caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) to clean it, open it with hot water, and don't forget to wear rubber gloves, glasses, and other protective measures.

Then, use a watering can or a rag to spray directly on the surface of the peanut fryer for 5 minutes, then brush it with a soft brush, and rinse with clean water.
According to the method we introduced, the cleaning of the peanut frying machine can guarantee the hygiene of the peanuts.This method could ensure that the foods processed by the automatic continuous frying machine are also clean and sanitary and beneficial to our body.