How to Guarantee the Use Effect of Peanut Peeling Machine?

In recent years, due to the continuous development of large-scale agricultural farming methods, traditional farming methods have not kept pace with the needs of the times. The use of commercial peanut peeling machines is in line with the requirements of agricultural development. What should we pay attention to when we buy peanut peeling machine to ensure its effectiveness?

Large peeling peanut peeling machine after continuous development and innovation, experienced from small to medium-sized, large, from wet to dry, and then to the development of dry-wet dual-use type. According to People's current farming habits, most of them are dug in the ground first, with tractors transported home to accumulate, after the busy harvest and then carry out fruit.
wet type peanut peeling machine
So for the general farmers, as long as the purchase can meet two people at the same time to the peeling machine feed, and peeling machine is not clogged, such a peeling machine is appropriate. Those larger than the mainstream of large peanut fruit picking machine, can also meet the large-scale contract land farmers use, because the large peanut peeling machine in terms of efficiency and throughput will be greatly improved.

In the purchase, it is necessary to check the concrete operation of the stone machine performance, the actual operation of machinery, check whether the flexibility of the operation has no deviation phenomenon. Brake lighting is safe and reliable, for the matching mechanical proceed rotating machinery check whether the rotating parts are flexible, there is no card lag phenomenon.
In short, the purchase of which type of peanut peeling machine combined with the production of peanuts appropriate choice, otherwise it may be overqualified, or overworked, both of which are not conducive to agricultural production, the use of machines itself will have adverse effects.