The Advantages of Pork Skin Frying Machine

Pork skin is with the high nutrition and very popolar among the fried food .How to makes the high quality with the good taste fried pork skin,the pork skin frying machine plays an important role on the process of making the fried pork skin.
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The Advantages of Pork Skin Frying Machine
1.This pork skin frying machine has the full automatic oil temperature control,the temperature can be freely set from 0----230 degrees,suitable for frying all kinds of foods.
2.The water valve is located at the low oil layer. It can add water at any time, it will not affect the frying work, and it has a check valve. This will solve the problem of stopping the water and pouring the oil back into the water pipe during the water adding process. problem.
3.The low-temperature water is equipped with a temperature measuring device,the water temperature display is clear,and the water temperature can also be set. Compared with the measured water temperature,when the temperature is higher than the set temperature, cooling measures can be taken.Prevent water boiling in advance.
(Special varieties also have automatic cooling function)
4.The oil-water separation surface is equipped with an observation glass tube and a discharge valve detection device.Water level can be more accurate.
5.Using the international common oil and water mixing process design,compared with ordinary fryers, more oil-saving.Extending the use cycle of oil,there is no production of carbonized oil,saving 50% of oil,and equipment investment can be recovered in half a year.
6.The food produced by using this fryer technology is good in finish,bright in color,and the quality of the product is significantly improved,and the problem of excessive acidification of the fried food is solved.
7.Using the frying apparatus, the food residue generated during the frying process can sink into the lower funnel through the filtration of water and be discharged through the sewage outlet, thus not only achieving the function of filtering oil, but also not wasting oil.
8.A multi-purpose machine,without changing the oil can fry a variety of food,no smoke,no odor, save time and environmental protection.Compared with ordinary fryers,the foods fried in this machine do not contain heavy metals and other substances that are harmful to the human body.

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