How to Make Potato Chips

Potato chips's raw material are potatoes which are rich in B vitamins such as vitamins B1, B2, B6, and pantothenic acid, and a large amount of high-quality cellulose. They also contain nutrients such as trace elements,amino acids, proteins,fats,and high-quality starches.However,some B vitamins are not thermally stable at high temperatures and are easily destroyed during cooking.
potato chips production line
Common potato chips are sliced from potatoes, processed with oil at high temperatures,and typically contain 30% to 40% fat.According to taste,some brands of potato chips also contain higher salt.Potato chips are prepared by peeling potatoes into thin slices and then frying or roasting until they are crisp and seasoned.Potato chips have become an important part of the snack market in many countries.The following we will introduce you how to make potato chips.
First,Potatoes as a raw material are peeled and washed.
Second,The washed potato is sent to a steam peeler or a mechanical peeler for peeling. Then go to the second washing machine and wash the remaining potato peel that has been stuck on the potato surface. The cleaned potatoes are transported to the inspection station for manual sorting and finishing of the peeled potatoes.
Third,The belt conveyor feeds the peeled potatoes to the slicer. The potatoes are cut into the desired slices. Wash the free starch with water.
Fourth,The washed potato chips are sent to the blancher for blanching, and the cleaned and blanched chips carry a large amount of attached water. Use a vibrating screen with a strong wind to separate individual potato chips and dry the attached water. Then delivered to the fryer, the moisture content of the potato chips was reduced from 80% to 2%, and a crisp product was obtained. The oil content in the finished product of fried crisps is between 30% and 40%. After frying, the potato chips are transported to the drain conveyor belt and drain the residual oil on the product surface. The fried chips are fed to a tumbler to flavor the chips, adding different flavors depending on the product. The seasoned potato chips are then transported to the packaging plant and the product is packed into the desired size and shape.

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