Some Main Steps of French Fries Processing Line

From the fresh potato becomes the fried potato chips have about 8 steps,every step is very import important ,here we will itroduce you some main important stepts of french fries production line.

The Proccessing of Potato Washing and Peeling Machine
Cleaning is an indispensable process for the fries frying production line. The main purpose of cleaning is to clean the surface free starch, prevent the starch from entering the fryer and affect the service life of the oil; at the same time, the potato chips can not be exposed to the air. Oxidative browning, Reducing sugars and amino acids produce melanin, oxidative browning.
french fries making line
The Processing of Potato Blanching Machine
This process is a must. After cleaning, the hot water is poured into 65-90 degrees hot water. Destruction of the activity of the enzyme, improvement of the tissue structure, ease of dehydration, and elimination of foaming in the air of the potato tissue during frying. Sodium bisulfite or sodium metabisulphite additives can be added to the blanching fluid for color protection and bleaching to improve color.
The Processing of French Fries Frying Machine
The biggest advantages of using a frying line are its high degree of automation, time-saving, labor-saving, low labor intensity, etc., and its stable product quality, high output, low cost, and green pollution. The fries frying line, the frying time is controllable, and the frying time can be freely adjusted according to the demand of the product. The whole microcomputer divides the temperature in several sections and can control the oil temperature in a precise and precise manner so that the food frying can be kept at the optimal temperature. product quality. Fryer | Frying line has a good temperature control effect. After feeding, the overall oil temperature fluctuation range is controlled within 2 degrees, reducing the reheating energy loss, saving production time and improving efficiency. The production line for frying fries is a mesh-type frying line, and the bandwidth of the network and the size of the mesh are adjusted according to the size requirements of the product. The machine is made of high quality stainless steel, strong and durable, strong corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, strong applicability.
The french fries  production line equipment is an economical and practical fries production equipment developed by our factory combined with domestic and foreign advanced process technology. Its advanced technology, reliable quality assurance and perfect after-sales service team are for the majority of users. Provides purchase protection.