The Usage and Maintenance of Water Removing Machine

Before using the vegetable de-water machine, please test machine, pay attention to the safety of the test machine,after the test machine is normal, shut down the equipment; after 10 seconds, cut off the power, you can use the brake to assist shut down.After the equipment is completely stopped, the vegetables to be dehydrated are evenly placed In the vegetable dehydrator liner around,start vegetable dehydration machine for dehydration,2-3 minutes, the outlet basically no water out, cut off the power, shut down the vegetable dehydrator,check whether the vegetables have reached the expected dryness, the vegetables will be drained take out the dehydration bin,clean the vegetable dehydrator and cover it after naturally drying.
de-water machine
Common Faults and Remedies Are:
1.vegetable dehydrator can not start properly;
remedy: Please check whether the power is connected.
2.The direction of rotation of the spinner is inconsistent with the marking arrow;
Remedy: Replace any two power cords.
3.Abnormal sound when the dehydrator rotates;
Remedy: Check the inside of the dehydrator for debris. Please do cover work when not in use.
4.The dehydrator shakes violently;
Remedy: Level the material and start the vegetable dehydrator.

Please clean the vegetable dehydrator at the end of each time to avoid remaining materials inside the machine and mold and stink. Regularly inspect the belt for tightness and add lubricant. When not using the vegetable dehydrator, let the vegetable dehydrator dry naturally and cover it well. Dehydrated drying methods are naturally dried and artificially dehydrated. Artificial dehydration includes hot air drying, microwave drying, expanded drying, infrared and far-infrared drying, and vacuum drying. At present, the application of dehydration and drying of vegetables is more hot air drying dehydration and vacuum vacuum drying dehydration. The frozen vacuum dehydration method is a kind of advanced vegetable dehydration drying method. The product can retain the original color, smell and taste of fresh vegetables. Shape, but also has an ideal rapid rehydration.