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Banana Chips  Octagonal Flavoring Machine Introduction
The octagonal flavoring machine is used for the mixing of seasoning powder in the later stage of food processing, or the powder coating for raw materials and blending. The structure is simple and practical. The barrel body is of stainless steel octagonal design, which can make the food materials to be processed and required in a relatively short time.The banana chips seasoning machine is fully mixed and the material is discharged automatically. The cleaning and disinfecting is convenient without dead ends.
banana chips seasoning machine
Usage of Banana Chips Seasoning Machine:
Banana chips seasoning machine is used for seasoning all kinds of fried and non-fried foods, evenly hanging all kinds of external sprinklers, syrup,and the product of this mixer is hygienic and easy to clean.

Automatic Banana Chips Flavoring Machine Advantges:
1.Automatic banana chips flavoring machine can be divided into parts and assembled, which can be arbitrarily lengthened and shortened to facilitate transportation.Banana chips seasoning machine is suitable for the installation of newly-built workshops or remodeled workshops,could saving the cost for users.
2.Octagonal drum flavor machine is with the low wind pressure, high air volume, low noise,the operating costs is low, and will make the users feel comfortable.
3. Plantain chips seasoning machine can be designed according to requirements without changing performance.The transformation of equipment modeling, stainless steel peanuts,design and installation,after-sales service home.
4. The use of advanced integrated extrusion process to make the concave installation air outlet, flexible adjustment of blowing angle, air shower space increases, both beautiful and generous.
5.All materials of this banana chips seasoning machine are made of stainless steel, factory direct peanuts octagonal flavoring machine to prevent corrosion,has the luxury design.
seasoning machine
Method of Use 
1.The detailed inspection should be done before starting, check the fastening parts loose or not.Check whether the power cord damage.There are no foreign bodies in the VAT.Check the voltage whether meet the requirements. 
2.Put smoothly before starting the machine.Machine safety operation in a minute,stop,and put into mixed seasoning ingredients.

Maintenance of Banana Chips Seasoning Machine
1.When this banana chips seasoning machine runs slowly, check the firmness of triangle belt. 
2.After using the octagonal flavor machine for a period of time, please check all fasteners, bolts, if there are any loose, please tighten. 
3.The banana chips flavor machine bearing use 6 months, please refill the new lubricating oil. 
4.The plantain chips seasoning machine must be grounded!
seasoning machine
Technical Data
Model LGCY800
Dimension 1000*800*1300mm
Power 1.1KW
Voltage 220 /380V  50Hz 
Capacity 30kg/time
Weight 130kg

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