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Octagonal Flavoring Machine Introduction
The octagonal flavoring machine ball is designed as an octagonal shape, which avoids the disadvantages of the ball rolling seasoning machine raw material not rolling, and fully stirs the raw materials, and there is no dead corner in the flavoring barrel, and the sanitary cleaning is more convenient, and the material can be pulled out and put, and the use is convenient. The sphere is stainless steel.
peanut seasoning machine
Automatic Peanut Seasoning Machine Operation
1.Before starting the peanut seasoning machine should do a detailed inspection to see if there is loosening of the fastening parts. Check the power cord for damage. There are no foreign objects in the bucket. Check whether the use voltage meets the requirements.
2.Turn the peanut seasoning machine on after it is stable. After one minute of safe operation of the machine, the machine is shut down and the required ingredients are mixed and seasoned.
3.After working for a period of time, depending on the seasoning of the material required to stir, meet the requirements, the machine will be closed. Push the lever behind the machine, pull the barrel forward and pour the material out.
peanut flavoring machine

The Maintenance of Peanut Flavoring Machine
1.When the peanut flavoring machine is running slow or weak, check the tightness of the V-belt.
2.When the automatic peanut seasoning machine is used for a period of time, please check the bolts of each fastener. If it is loose, tighten it.
3.The bearing of the machine is used for 6 months. Please add new lubricant.
4.The peanut flavoring machine must be grounded!
peanut flavoring machine
Technical Data
Model LGCY800
Dimension 1000*800*1300mm
Power 1.1KW
Voltage 220 /380V  50Hz 
Capacity 30kg/time
Weight 130kg

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