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Automatic Peanut Flavoring Machine Introduction:
1.The feeding system of this peanut seasoning machine adopts the hoist to convey the materials.
2.The seasoning material is fixedly conveyed by screw. The advanced seasoning system ensures even seasoning and the screw speed is adjustable.
The roller adopts no dead corner full molding.
3.Imported nozzles are used, the oil volume is adjustable, even spray, electric heating box is used, and the pump conveys oil.
4.The peanut flavoring machine has a wide range of applications and is applicable to all kinds of puffed foods, puffed foods, fried foods, fried nuts, pet foods, fish feeds, and seasoning oils and sugars in fried foods.
5.The material will automatically pass the elevator on the drum.
6.Peanut flavoring machine has a seasoning control device on the drum to ensure that the flavor is evenly distributed on the snack.
7.Roller adopts full plastic molding with no dead corner inside.
8.The peanut seasoning machine of this seasoning nozzle can adjust the amount of oil, spray evenly.
Note:If you need, we can change it according to your requirements.
Usage of This Single-drum Fried Peanut Flavoring Machine:
This single-roller potato crisper is mainly used for seasoning of peanut, potato chips, French fries and other foods.
peanut seasoning machine
Main Features of Peanut Flavoring Machine:
Peanut flavoring machine is used for food seasoning in food production process. This device adopts angle type flavour cylinder, speed is automatically controlled, and the material capacity is large, which is suitable for continuous flavor pipeline. With screw feeding device,peanut seasoning machine can be independently stirred at the same time so that the seasoning will not occur in different proportions, return to the halogen, and form deposits, bonds, canopies, and air. The fried peanut seasoning machine is equipped with a seasoning machine that mixes evenly and accurately. This product integrates magnetism, electricity, electricity, and digital in one, with a high degree of automation.
peanut seasoning machine
1.Structure of Peanut Flavoring Machine:
The peanut flavoring machine device consists of brackets, rollers, roller drive system, milling system, powder delivery system, board and other major components.

2.Automatic Single-drum Peanut Seasoning Machine Operating Steps
(1) The device is plugged into the power supply, the device uses 220V power input, the output roller motor is: 380V, the dust removal motor is 220V.
(2) Start the roller, the roller will slowly start to normal speed. The dust removal motor starts and the dust removal equipment starts working.
(3) The artificial feed ingredients are continuously placed in the machine, or the mixed seasoning ingredients are conveyed from the feed port to the conveyor.
(4) Open the powder motor and make uniform spray in the cylinder;
(5) Check the running parts to ensure that they start working after normal operation.
(6) If the speed is too high, the inverter can rotate the knob to the left to decelerate the variable. The minimum value is not less than 70% of the maximum speed.
(7) The material in the drum advances quickly, which can reduce the roll angle and make the roll angle too slow.
peanut flavoring machine

Technical Data
Model LG2400 LG3000
Capacity 1000 kg/h 1500 kg/h
Power 0.75kw 1.1kw
Weight 300 kg 380 kg

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